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Kipp Clamping elements are used to clamp workpieces in fixtures for machine tool production. A variety of components hold the workpiece in position for CNC machining. Ideal for fixture construction and machine tool manufacturing. Clamping units are used to clamp workpieces and Clamp straps used in machine and fixture construction and in toolmaking are used to clamp workpieces and components. They are very versatile, made of carbon steel and are available in various designs.

What is the Clamping element?

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Hook clamps and Swing clamps:




The notable features of the hook clamps are that they can be used in a wide range of applications and don not require much space. For example, they can be used in the construction of machines, tools, and fixtures.

Swing clamps are used where the clamping points must be free when the workpiece is loaded or removed. They are actuated manually or pneumatically. They are predominantly used in machine construction, fixture construction, and toolmaking. They can be installed either horizontally or vertically.

Pull and Thrust clamps:




Pull clamps and Thrust clamps are suitable for simultaneously clamping and positioning workpieces. They are actuated m manually or pneumatically.

Side clamps and Toe clamps:




Side clamps hold workpieces in place by rotating a spiral cam which exerts pressure on the swivel jaw, simultaneously producing a positive downforce. Toe clamps have a positive downforce. Their low height prevents protruding edges.

Wedge clamps and Centring clamps:




Wedge clamps are suitable for clamping both single and multiple workpieces. Their compact design allows space-saving series clamping. Centring clamps allow workpieces to be centred on and clamped in a bore. The advantages of centring clamps include precise self-centring, distortion-free clamping and low overall height.

Cam Clamps:



In machine construction, fixture construction and toolmaking, cam clamps enable fast and torque-free clamping that makes it impossible for the levers clamping motion to exceed the maximum clamping force. Cam clamps with end or central clamping are available. No additional tools are required.

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