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KIPP Toggle clamps are intended for assembly and clamping fixtures and are used in machine construction, metalworking. Due to their slim design, toggle clamps can be easily integrated into tight spaces. These components are used as sure supports for workpieces. They allow balanced support by clamping in fixture construction and machine tool manufacturing. Toggle clamp typically serves to secure an object firmly in order to prevent from moving when inward pressure is applied.

Basically, the toggle clamps from HEINRICH KIPP WERK can be divided into three different design types:

Horizontal toggle clamps
- Vertical toggle clamps
- Push-pull clamps

What is a Toggle clamp?

Types of Toggle clamps:

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Versions of Toggle clamps:

KIPP toggle clamps are available in versions with a horizontal foot or a vertical foot. This allows the clamps to be mounted according to the individual mounting specifications. The thrust screws can be manually adjusted to suit the situation. KIPP has steel or stainless steel toggle clamps on offer. 

The high-quality KIPP toggle clamps are very robust and ideally suited for use in the machine construction sector.

How does Toggle clamps work?

Toggle clamp known for quick-Action holds down clamps to keep loaded objects stationary and firmly, this clamp can be used for various applications. The toggle clamp actuation moves against the workpiece then stretches or compresses until the handle moved for a successful release or lock.

Applications of Toggle clamps:

Toggle Clamps find its application in various fields like:

- Jigs & Fixtures

- Woodworking

- Welding

- Milling

- Assembly

- Drilling Machine.

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