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Kipp Hinges connect two solid objects while allowing an angle of rotation. A hinge combines the properties of a fixed bearing that has a degree of freedom and a moveable joint. A hinge should be able to support weight while allowing for the required movement. The long hinge knuckle enables relatively high swing forces with a small cross-section. Hinges from KIPP are robust, corrosion-resistant and user-friendly.

What is Hinges?

Hinges are used in furniture and traditional machine construction, as well as on other equipment, where they are mounted on doors, hatches and hoods, etc. KIPP has a wide range of different types of hinges on offer. Traditional hinges are available made from plastic, aluminium, steel, sheet metal, and stainless steel.

KIPP also has so-called function hinges in its range. These include detent hinges, adjustable friction hinges, spring hinges and hinges with a locking function.

Detent hinges can be indexed in various positions and so ensure that a door or hatch stays open at 

a given angle or remains tightly shut.

• K0439: has 4 detent positions

• K1197: indexes every 30° (from 0° to 270°)



Adjustable friction hinges enable doors to be kept open at any desired angle. A setscrew allows the frictional resistance to be infinitely adjusted between 0 and 1 Nm. By the larger versions, an infinite adjustment between 0 and 5 Nm is possible.

How it works:

• The setscrew forces two small friction cones against each other.

• The resulting frictional resistance opposes the movement of hatches and doors.

• The result is that hatches and doors are held open at the desired position.

KIPP supplies several types of spring hinges such as steel and stainless steel hinges, with visible

springs or integrated springs. Spring hinges are used mostly where doors or hatches should

close or open automatically. The maximum opening angle is between 180° and 270° depending

on the version.


Hinges with clamping function are fitted with a KIPP clamping lever. This ensures precise

positioning of the hinge angle. Clampable hinges are available in plastic or die-cast zinc.

Furthermore, there are lift-off hinges available and hinges with tapped bushes or fixed

fastening screws. Hinges with slots that ease construction or hinges with mounting holes that

are supplied with the matching screws are very practical. KIPP also supplies weldable and

maintenance-free hinges.

At DIGITAL METROLOGY you will find a comprehensive selection of high-quality hinges.

Hinges with detent:


Hinges with adjustable friction:


Spring Hinges:


Hinges with Clamping function:


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