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KIPP Spring plunger also known as the spring-loaded plunger is a narrow device that can be mounted into components and used for indexing, locking and positioning of the components. It is prominently used where the manpower to be minimized as it can function by itself. As they are extremely versatile and easy to install, spring plungers are used in machine construction, crafts and in the household.


Basically, the spring plungers from HEINRICH KIPP WERK can be divided into two types as follows:


  1. Spring plunger with the pin.                                              

  2. Spring plunger with the ball (also known as Ball plunger).


What is a Spring plunger?

Types of Spring plungers:

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Versions of Spring plungers:

There are various types of spring plungers available with us as follows:


  1. Slot type spring plunger with Steel, Stainless Steel and Ceramic Ball.

  2. Slot type spring plunger with Steel, Stainless Steel, and POM Pin.

  3. Hexagon socket type spring plunger with Steel, Stainless Steel, and Ceramic Ball.

  4. Hexagon socket type spring plunger with Steel, Stainless Steel, and POM Pin. 

  5. Slot type spring plunger in a plastic sleeve with POM and Stainless Steel Ball.

Other types of Spring Plungers available with us are:


  1. Spring plunger with Sensor.

  2. Spring plunger with Long-Lok.

  3. Spring plunger with Knob.

  4. Spring plunger with Pull ring.

  5. Spring plunger with Handle.

The mechanism of spring plunger is after it's installation it applies adequate pressure so that the ball or pin remains positioned or locked according to its application. In detail, when the item gets contacted with the plunger, it puts pressure on the plunger, so it depresses into the body forcing the internal spring to compress, which allows the contact force applied to position the plunger into the desired area.

How does a Spring plunger work?

Applications of Spring plunger:

Spring plunger can be used

- To act as a support between objects.

- To eject the object.

- Also as a form of cushion. 

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