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KIPP Indexing plunger or Locking bolt that facilitates fast and locking of moving components. Mushroom grips make them easy to operate.​ Cam action indexing plungers can be used for al types of locking and fixating mechanisms, especially where the indexing pin must not be allowed to protrude.

What is an Indexing plunger?

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Versions of Indexing plungers:

There are various versions of Indexing plungers available with us as follows:


  1. Hardened

  2. Unhardened

  3. With Locking mechanism

  4. With Thread lock

  5. Short version

  6. With elongated indexing pin ( Long version)

  7. With Five lobe grip

  8. With markings

  9. Without collar

  10. Pneumatic

  11. Premium with conical pin

Indexing plungers are elements that enable machine parts to be locked in place or indexed. The classic indexing plunger has a grip knob or a pull ring. These knobs or rings are attached to a spring mechanism, when they have pulled a pin in the other end of the plunger is retracted enabling the connection to be quickly and easily released and repositioned. Indexing plungers guarantee high retaining forces, stable fastenings and easy handling which ensures high process safety during application.

Indexing plungers are used in machine construction to e.g. secure pivoting and rotating fixtures or for positioning stops. Indexing plungers from KIPP are extremely robust and durable. During quality control, special attention is paid to ensure precision and perfect indexing in the end position. This level of quality guarantees smooth practical functioning. Indexing plungers withstand the highest transverse forces, the locking position can only be changed again through manual intervention by the user.

How does an Indexing plunger work?

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