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KIPP Grips and Knobs are for manually fastening and clamping. The locking knobs are characterized by good haptics. There are a wide variety of designs for different conditions and clamping forces to suit any required mounted position. Ideal for machine or plant construction, rail fabrication, toolmaking, test equipment, and medical apparatus.



Basically, the grips and knobs from HEINRICH KIPP WERK can be divided into six groups but here we have further divided it into nine groups based on their shapes for easy identification as follows:


What are Grips and Knobs?

Types of Grips and Knobs:

Versions of Knobs:

KIPP Grips and Knobs are available in both internal and external threads where the thread diameter ranges between M2 to M20. The knobs are available in various versions like quick-acting, flat, high, low, antistatic, with and without the cap, with locating bush, collar, safety cable, antibacterial, ergonomic, etc. KIPP has stainless steel, steel, thermoplastic, duroplast, biopolymer, aluminium, grey cast iron, fiberglass-reinforced plastic on offer. 

The high-quality KIPP grips and knobs also provide the knob's cap in different colours (wherever applicable) like Black, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White, Light grey, Black-grey, slate-grey, Graphite Black, etc.

Applications of Knobs:

Grips and Knobs find its application in various fields like:

- Machine and plant construction

- Toolmaking

- Chemical Industry

The main function of knob is to manually adjust assemblies, machines or aggregates.

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