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Kipp Pull handles are particularly suitable for opening and closing covers, panels or hoods. What makes ours special is the fact that they have good haptics, are exceptionally stable and have an ergonomic design. The product range offers a variety of sizes, shapes, materials, and colours.

What is Pull handle?

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Varieties of Pull Handles:




To cover a wide spectrum of demands, KIPP uses different materials to produce their pull handles - steel bar with plastic sheathing to improve handling, light aluminium, glass bead reinforced polyamide or even a mix of materials. Special anodising methods and coatings ensure improved surface protection and lend KIPP pull handle protection against corrosion and long service life.





With rounded edges, fold-down or customized designs - with regard to form, the pull handles from HEINRICH KIPP WERK can be matched to uncountable applications and allow for secure grips. They are ideal for use as door grips, handholds, carrying grips or cowling grips.

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