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What is a Ring Bolt?

Kipp Ring bolts are mainly used where heavyweights have to be lifted or moved, but also find use as an anchor for securing loads or connecting barrier chains. KIPP ring bolts are manufactured to conform to DIN 580 (ring nuts DIN 582) and are very robust and durable. Ring bolts fall under the material handling (rigging) category, alongside hoist rings, crane hooks, and shackles.


Ring bolts get their name from the ring-shaped head, smaller versions are called eye screws. The ring bolts are screwed into an object and then form the anchor point for slings, lifting chains, winches, ropes and other lifting or load securing equipment.


By the high-strength version Güteklasse 10, the ring is plastic coated and the ring and screw are separate items, enabling the ring to rotate even after the screw has been tightened. This leads to improved stability and enables loading at 90° to the screw axis. In addition, the rotatable ring ensures that the screw cannot be over tightened or unscrew. The ring can rotate through 360° even when the screw is fully tightened. This ring bolt is highly robust and reliable (300 - 4500 Kg)

There are a range of thread sizes (M4, M6, M8, M10, M12), ring diameters and materials (steel, stainless steel, painted stainless steel) available. The steel version complies with DIN 580 and the stainless steel version is similar to this same standard.

Ring bolts find use:

• on construction sites

• in machine construction halls

• in workshops

• by loading or unloading heavyweights

In general, ring bolts are often used when very heavy machine components or tools have to be transported from A to B using slings or chains. They can be found where cranes and other lifting equipment is used. Ring bolts are also suitable for constructing barrier chains, fences, securing loads and similar applications.

How do Ring Bolts work?

Applications of Ring Bolt:

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