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What is a Swivel ring?




Kipp Swivel ring (also known as a swivel eye bolt or rotating eye bolt) is a screw-in slinging point with a ball bearing. The rotatable swivel ring bolts are meant for lifting heavy loads that have to be rotated or turned. Swivel ring bolts are also used for securing loads. The surface is red powder-coated. D-rings are used to lift and pull objects. The welding block and bracket are made of steel, a material that is ideally suited to welding. This makes the equipment easy to install.

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What is Shackle?


Kipp Shackles are used to take up tractive forces. They are often used as connecting links for rigging systems to connect chains or cables to fixed components and take up the resulting forces. Most shackles are lightweight and convenient, with a high permissible load.

How to use Swivel ring and Shackle?

For the payload to be valid it must be ensured that the ring is in line with the load. The swivel ring bolt must lie flat against the seating face and must always be completely screwed in.

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