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What is Handwheel?

Kipp Handwheels are used to position and adjust shafts and spindles manually. They are predominantly used as control elements in machine and plant construction. They are also suitable for opening and closing valves in hydraulic and steam aggregates.

Handwheels are mostly used in machine and plant construction. Using handwheels as operating parts and standard elements in the mechanical sector are almost self-evident. They ensure that manual rotary movements are quickly and efficiently transferred on machines.


Handwheels are often used as the manual drive element to convert a rotary movement into a lateral movement. Handwheels can also be found on armatures, machine tools or motors where they can be used to open or close valves. KIPP handwheels use a key/keyway connection to fit them to a shaft enabling machine adjustments with minimum backlash. Key/keyway connections guarantee optimum torque transmission.

KIPP has a wide range of handwheels. The customer can select from various materials, diameters and versions. At KIPP the handwheels are divided into three main types:

  • 2-Spoke handwheels 

  • DIN 950 handwheels 

  • Disc handwheels

2-Spoke handwheels are available as plastic versions and aluminium versions. Aluminium handwheels are especially robust and the material used means that weight and mass can be saved making the operation much lighter. KIPP offers 2-Spoke handwheels with revolving gripsfold-down grips or without grips.

DIN 950 handwheels have three spokes. The DIN 950 handwheel product range includes grey cast iron and aluminium versions. Cast iron handwheels are highly robust and durable. DIN 950 Handwheels are available with revolving or fixed grips.

Disc handwheels are available in three different materials. As an alternative to the aluminium version, KIPP also offers a thermoset version. The thermoset handwheels have either a pilot hole (Form D) or have a reamed hole (Form E). On request, other sizes of the reamed hole can also be bored.

The comprehensive product range is supplemented by other thermoplastic handwheels and a special handwheel with safety grip. Special types can also be produced to meet customer specifications.

  • Measuring equipment 

  • Test aggregates 

  • Shipbuilding

  • Armaments

  • Equipment construction 

  • Handcrafts

Range of Handwheels:

Applications of Handwheels:

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