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What is Swivel feet?

Kipp Swivel feet provide an easy way of counteracting any unevenness in the floor. They are used for alignment purposes to ensure that the equipment is installed securely. Levelling feet are available with vibration absorption and structure-borne sound absorption.

Swivel feet comprise a baseplate in conjunction with a matching threaded rod. The plate is available in plastic, die-cast zinc or stainless steel. Apart from the classical machine foot types, there are also swivel feet with vibration dampening and, for many levelling feet, an anti-slip plate. These anti-slip plates can take up light transverse forces preventing any side slippage of the swivel feet.

  • Measuring equipment 

  • Test aggregates 

  • Shipbuilding

  • Armaments

  • Equipment construction 

  • Handcrafts

Applications of Swivel feet:

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