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Kipp Quarter-turn clamp locks act as operating elements in machine construction as a practical alternative to classic screws. However, quarter-turn clamp locks are locking elements. With the aid of quarter-turn clamp locks, two plates can be quickly and securely connected and exchanged without the need for tools.

The functioning principle of quarter-turn clamp locks is very similar to that of:

Quarter-turn clamp locks have the following advantages:

• Easy operation

• High clamping forces

• ON / OFF markings

• Shorter setup times

• Secure locking

Quarter-turn clamp locks are well suited for use in confined spaces and provide the user with acoustic feedback (click signal when locked). Quarter-turn clamp locks are vibration-proof and enable a so-called "simultaneous positive downforce". The corresponding clamping plates also facilitate the installation of quarter-turn clamp locks in practical applications.

An example of an application for a quarter-turn clamp lock is a quick-mounting system for carrying handles on fixture plates (when it is necessary to remove the plates between machining operations). Quarter-turn clamp locks are also suitable as a quick-change system for stops on a mounting or fixture plate. You can find various versions of quarter-turn clamp locks in the KIPP product range. The twist knob is available in bright stainless steel with temperature resistance up to 200° C or in plastic (fiberglass-reinforced polyamide) with temperature resistance up to 130° C. The housing is nickel-plated. Clamping plates 
K1062 are required for the installation (accessories).

Clamping plates are used in combination with quarter-turn clamp locks. There are basically two different mounting options. The customer selects the required plate thickness depending on the application:

• Clamping plate Form A:
• Clamping plate Form B: indexes every 30°

The fastening screws are supplied. The clamping plates are designed for metric fine threads.

What is the Quarter-turn clamp lock?

Function of Quarter-turn clamp lock:

What is the Clamping plate?

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